Shoebox Appeals

Send your love around the a shoebox.. to the kids that receive them, they are worth far more than the material value; the knowledge that someone loves and cares for them is priceless.

Since the mid-90s we have organised an annual Shoebox appeal, where-by school children in England fill a shoebox with essentials such as food, toiletries, small toys, letters and Christmas cards, which is then sent (through our various partner charities) to children in need across the world.

In the past these have gone to Bosnia and Croatia during the war, to Liberia to the war orphans, Zimbabwe during the recent famine and Romania to the many destitute kids living on the streets. Almost 10,000 boxes sent so far.

This year we are collecting Back-packs (to be sent to SIR, another Medjugorje charity) who will send them on to Africa, the items inside are essentials to enable the kids to go to school, (see schools section to download the appeal letter with the requirements).