Appeal For Prisoners in Manila

A friend of ours who works as a volunteer with CARITAS visiting the holding cells of a Police Station; (where there can be up to 150 prisoners at a time in a space about the size of your living room) has asked for some help.

Because of the war on drugs, the number of prisoners has swelled dramatically as has the length of time to process them and take them for trial or prisons. The overcrowding coupled with heat, poor ventilation and lack of water has led to many deaths from dehydration and suffocation in recent months.  Diarrhea is a contributing factor as is a lack of water supply. Infections and skin diseases are also widespread. Prisoners are the bottom rung of society here and there are no resources for them.

The cost of a weekly 'first aid kit' consisting of things like:- Iodine/ antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds, plasters, cotton balls, diatabs and other simple medicines would be about £8-10 a week. Perhaps another couple of  pounds for a container of purified water.