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Clothe the Naked...

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Second hand and sometimes new clothing and blankets given by supporters has been distributed around the world..

From whole container loads to the Balkans and many countries in Africa with various partners, to a carrier bag full of hand knitted childrens jumpers under a missionaries arm, this has been the most popular appeal for donors.

A good illustration of the fact that anyone can participate in our collective work.. one of the first donations we received was a single blanket that an octagenarian gentleman, brought in for Bosnia, having made a long , 2 busrides journey across the city to bring it to our warehouse. It was a privilidge to deliver it for him to the refugee who needed it so badly.

Also there have been groups of elderly ladies knitting blankets for the homes for the dying in Calcutta, much appreciated as its also used as the burial shroud of the recipients later.

More than 120 tons of clothes and blankets, have been shipped out over the years.

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