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Feed the hungry..

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Many projects over the years have focussed on this most basic of needs.

The largest scale project was the Convoys to Bosnia which we participated in during the war (93-94).

Donations of food and toiletries were given by parishoners from churches all over Manchester and beyond and our volunteers; driving donated vans and minibuses, drove the supplies out directly to the refugee camps, putting your gifts literally into the hands of those in need.

This tangible concept of donors giving 1 meal to another person, as a tin of meat or a sack of rice, was spontaneously taken up and continued for years, ultimately containers and lorries were shipped out with various partners to other countries too; for example Kosova, Liberia and Zimabawe, often as part of shoebox appeals to include the schools too.

Upwards of 70 metric tons of food delivered.

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