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All over the world the spirit is moving

When monks were Monks ...a story from Eygpt (4th Century)-

1Now it happened that one day two Nubians were walking together on their way to Aswan. One of them had only one eye. His friend said to him Come on, lets receive a blessing at the hands of this great man (abba Aaron).

The one-eyed man said He isn't a great man; if he really is, let him open my eye, and while the words were still in his mouth, his eye-which had been blind-regained its sight, but his good eye became blind ! When his friend saw what had happened, he was utterly amazed and said to him Didn't I tell you that he is a very great man? The one-eyed man said Its no great loss, for one eye has been shut while the other has been opened. However lets go to him perhaps hell give light to the other eye

So the two of them came to the holy man Abba Aaron. My father said to the Nubian, who was not a believer, Since you think its no great loss, why are you here ? Immediately he became very fearful and said open my eye And immeditely he was able to see with the other eye. And the two believed and went away joyful, and they proclaimed throughout the whole country the miracle which had taken place.

2Abba Aaron lived the monastic life in this manner. On the day he ate, he would drink no water and day he drank water he would not eat. Now it happened that one night when we were both sleeping at home, the demons took on fantastical shapes and were crying out in the valley below with the voices of roaring lions. When I heard them I was terrified and so I shook my father awake and said Lions are attacking us. But he said to me Do not be afraid my son, for it is written: through our God we shall do a great thing, and again, Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered

After he said these things we rose and went to the upper room. The demons were crying out as before and some of them were saying Bring them here so we can kill them while others were saying Lets kill them where they are The holy one knew through the Spirit that they were demons and he said to me let us give ourselves to prayer And as soon as we had given ourselves to prayer, the demons fled through the valley.

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