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All over the world the spirit is moving

The Difference between Life and Death ... By Stuart McCullough-

A 22-year-old student came to us in mid-August, totally set on abortion, as she had a full year left to study and contraception had žlet her downÓ. We explained how developed her child already was; at just 5 weeks the heart was beating already. We looked at how we could help her continue her studies if she kept the baby and we asked her was it right or wrong to abort her child.

Her view was that žit is wrong but I have to do it. It is as if I am crucifying Christ all over againÓ The counselor then talked with the woman at length about the faith and asked her to think things over for a week and then call us.

She came back to see us on the last day of August still totally set on having an abortion. A different counselor saw her this time and went into more detail about what an abortion would involve and about exactly what help she could have to keep the baby. She was very moved but still wanted the abortion.

We booked her for a third appointment; she did not come as she ždid not feel wellÓ She failed to attend her 4th appointment as she žwas having second thoughtsÓ. We called her back on 29th September (Feast of the Archangels) and she said that she is keeping the baby.

She now says žThis baby is a blessingÓ! He has been rejected by everyone, but now God will make him something specialÓ She is coming to see us next week to talk about the help that she will need.

Having the right advert in the right place, having friendly trained staff and volunteers to answer the phone, having dedicated counselors and the prayers of supporters is what makes the difference.

The difference between life and death.

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