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All over the world the spirit is moving

Fire in the throat..a story from Italy (from Children of Medjugorej newsletter)-

Our friends at Vocepiu in Milan (Italy) have been putting out cassettes and CDs to spread the Word of God since the 70s. We collaborate a lot with them for Medjugorje, so we like to share the many amazing testimonies we find. It's so good to touch the power of God together! Recently they told us the story of a very surprising event that took place in 1997.

Their fraternity visited Israel on a pilgrimage. On the last day, while they were praying in front of the Cross at the Holy Sepulcher, Maria Luisa clearly heard a voice in her heart saying, Do something for my Passion! These words deeply touched her and upon returning to Milan, she decided to make a musical CD on the Passion of Christ. Extremely gifted in music, she decided to mix excerpts from the Bible with orthodox chants, messianic Jewish hymns and Gregorian chant. For the speaker who read the Biblical passages, her attention turned to her uncle who had a voice that resounded the love of God. She reserved a half hour to perform the recording at Miro-Productions Studio in Milan, but that morning her uncle fell ill and could not do the job. Maria Luisa determined not to give up the project. The studio time was pre-paid so each minute counted; and it wasn't very cheap! She had to find another speaker immediately! She decided to check out the business right next to Miro Studios called Mediaset Studio and ask for a voice.

As she walked into the reception area where there was an information desk, Maria Luisa knew that she was in a different world, an altogether different class. The couches dripped with luxury, the paintings on the wall were refined and perfectly hung. There were glass tables and fancy desks and she thought, What am I doing here, this is not at all the type of place where Ill find what I need! In the immediacy of her problem, she saw no other option, so she proceeded to the elegant looking woman behind the polished marble desk: I am looking for a man who has half an hour free to record the reading of a text... At that instant a very sophisticated man came down the stairs of the agency. He looked like a perfect ladies man, used to charming others and obviously quite satisfied with himself. He drew near to Maria Luisa to find out more about her need that he overheard. He said he had 20 minutes before dubbing a voice for Television and for a Coca Cola advertisement. He seemed proud to say that he worked for such prestigious names. He introduced himself as Alfio. When Maria Luisa made clear that the recording was not for commercial purposes and he couldnt earn any money from it, to her surprise Alfio still agreed to do the recording. Maria Luisa remained deeply perplexed, wondering how this man could possibly enter the spirit of the Passion and get the right intonation to read the Word of God! She tried to tell him about this question, but Alfio, assured of his professional talents, simply raised his hand to calm her fears.

They went to the recording studio. Alfio took the text and adjusted the micro in front of him. The first verse chosen by Maria Luisa was on the Suffering Servant: There was in him no stately bearing to make us look at him, nor appearance that would attract us to him. He was spurned and avoided by men, a man of suffering, accustomed to infirmity, one of those from whom men hide their faces, spurned, and we held him in no esteem. (Isaiah, 53:2-3)
Alfio read the first 3 words and stalled. He asked for a glass of water because, he said, he had something in his throat. He started again and had the same problem! Three times in a row he had to stop, helpless, and his eyes slowly filled with tears. Maria Luisa realized that there was something going on: Alfio could not read because he was having an overwhelming experience! On the third try, Alfio burst into tears, his sobs became uncontrollable.
But who is this man? Alfio asked with a broken voice. Who was treated in such a way?
Its Jesus, Maria Luisa answered!
Who is Jesus?

The recording stopped. Alfio could not calm down. He wanted to know everything about this man. So Maria Luisa began to tell him about Jesus and Alfio bombarded her with more questions. He picked up his mobile phone and cancelled all his appointments for the day. He stayed more than four hours reading all the texts and listening to Maria Luisa's explanations. Overwhelmed and in a state of shock, he concentrated on each word, and asked Maria Luisa to repeat everything to him. He wanted the story of Jesus from the beginning. The Word of God had seized him completely!

At the end Alfio asked our friend, How about you, why are you doing this work? Who do you think will be interested? Maria Luisa answered, WellWhen I began this work, I told the Lord that if only one person would be converted thanks to this CD, it would be enough for me. Alfio then declared, I am that person!

The following days, at the office, Alfio started telling everyone about Jesus. He just could not help it. How could he keep quiet? He could not find anything else to talk about. But very soon people around him thought he was mentally disturbed. Alfio was fired! He remained jobless for 6 months before finding something in his specialty again. Immediately after his conversion, Alfio returned to his wife and daughter and resumed living with them. Since then, 10 years ago, they attend Mass together every morning.

Who knows the unbelievable power of the Word of God! Jesus visits us even at moments we do not expect Him. A single Biblical verse was enough to change this heart radically!

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