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All over the world the spirit is moving

Thats HIM!-

Not long ago, somewhere in the hinterlands of Mindanao, a grim tragedy happened. A frustrated father shot dead his wife before finally turning the gun on himself, pulling the trigger. The entire scene was witnessed by a lone survivor, a seven year old boy---the couples only son.

They were so impoverished that his parents thought it was the only way out. Relatives from both sides grieved and pitifully wanted to adopt the orphaned child but they were also very poor. Fortunately, a priest from a nearby town agreed to look after him in his parish locality.

It was difficult for volunteer workers in the church to communicate with the boy because he seemed to be always in a state of shock. Teaching was not any easier since he did not have any educational foundation at all, sad to say, illiterate.

One afternoon, while the young lad was attending Catechism class the Church was conducting for the less fortunate children in the neighborhood, the teacher was showing an enlarged poster of Jesus Christ.

As he was going around the room, he asked his class,Do you know who this is? Every child had a puzzled look as they silently stared at the photo. Suddenly, amid the eerie silence, the boy stood up with eyes wide open and pointing to the poster, Thats HIM! He was the one who was with me at the moment my parents died, he screamed repeatedly in his native dialect.

Everybody in the room did not know what to say, especially those who knew of the boys history.

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